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Escape From Tarkov

The unofficial Subreddit for Escape From Tarkov, a Hardcore FPS being created by Battlestate Games.

Joined tarkov early this wipe, I recently got my bitcoin farm and have stopped dying so much. Now that I can actually spend my roubles on better stuff, what should I upgrade

I usually run a triton, 20 slot size backpack, class 3 armor, budget ak with 7.62 ps or 5x45 bp, momex/cold fear, and a ratnik helmet.
I was thinking of upgrading to the 6B13 for armor, probably a belt A+belt B, ANA alpha, or a Velocity systems for the rig. For backpacks would it be worth it to full send and get the 35 slot ones, or is it okay to stick to the 30ish ones which are cheaper.
For my AKs they all look the same, GP20 stock with pad, ak-100 handguard with a flashlight and rk-0 foregrip, SAW pistol grip, and dynacomp muzzle brake for AKM or DTK-1 for AK-74, and I was just going to look around for different mods for them. However what are people's thoughts on the more modern AK varients? And is it worth it buy newer AK variants of the 74 and M.
Edit: Totally forgot about headphones, never wear them, I probably should start buying them at this point I assume?
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Thinking about the best ROI is for the bitcoin farm and your daily schedule? I made the ultimate spreadsheet for that.

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The water collector is so buggy. It'd be nice if this has two or three slots like the bitcoin farm. At least every time the filter runs out, you have 2 purified water produced. The current collecting system is a pain in the ass.

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Just got bitcoin farm, does it consume the graphics cards?

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Bitcoin farms ruined the game for me

This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I worked really hard for some time to be able to establish a bitcoin farm, and even longer to get it to level 2. That's about as profitable for me as it can be based on the time that I have to spend on the game.
The problem? I have money to easily. Like way to easily. It was a grind to get it there, but now it's nearly limitless for my K/Dr. Since I don't die every raid, or every few raids even - I never spend my time not profiting.
This has made the game lose it's edge majorly to me. There is no fear of anything. Walk in like a chad, kill like a chad, sometimes die like chad, but no heartbreak, or anger, or anything. Just sort of, "Oh that's inconvenient", and I move on.
Some of you may enjoy that limitless gameplay, but to me it's boring. The factor of this game for me is that fear and hair raising style.
I know, I know. Wipes. However, it doesn't mean it's taken the hard edge away.
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Bitcoin farm still worth it?

I'm still pretty new to this game and have a bitcoin farm for the first time, at the moment level 1 with 10 gpu. Do you think it is still worth it to invest more in te farm, even up to the 50 gpu max?
I know last wipe took pretty long to arrive but I don't know if it will be like that every time, so I don't know if it will pay of before a potential new wipe.
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Two Bitcoin farms in Bulgaria "borrowed" 1.25 million EUR in electricity in 1 year (approx)

Translated by Google Translate.
The bitcoin farm in Kyustendil stole electricity for BGN 2.5 million Two men were detained for 24 hours Updated: 14 Aug 2020 08:37 | 13 Aug 2020 13:58, Kamelia Tsvetanova The theft of electricity from the two farms for extraction of cryptocurrency in Kyustendil is worth over BGN 2.5 million. This was announced at a joint press conference by Filip Yordanov - Deputy Director of the Operation and Maintenance Directorate of CEZ distribution for Southwestern Bulgaria, Commissioner Vesko Rangachev - Deputy Director of the Ministry of Interior in Kyustendil and the administrative head of the District Prosecutor's Office Ivo Iliev, said Ivo Iliev. Representatives of CEZ and ODMVR established in two production facilities in the industrial part of the city the so-called farms for generating cryptocurrency, equipped with a large amount of equipment. Two people were found on the spot - aged 31 and 38 from Sofia. One of the two men has previous convictions related to crimes with payment instruments, said prosecutor Iliev and specified that they were also committed on the territory of Kyustendil. Illegal connection to the electricity distribution network was found in both "farms", which was done extremely professionally, said Filip Yordanov. He pointed out that according to preliminary data, the stolen electricity is worth over BGN 2.5 million, the same as the electricity consumption of Kyustendil for one month in the summer. According to preliminary data, this electricity was stolen in a period of six months for one site and three months for the second. "This is the largest theft we find," Yordanov added. Commissioner Rangachev pointed out that the police intervened after the assistance of CEZ employees was refused and they requested assistance from the regional directorate of the Ministry of Interior, but the men detained at that time did not resist the detention. The two have already been released after the 24-hour detention measure expired. The pre-trial proceedings against the two were instituted for illegal connection to the electricity distribution network and theft of electricity. According to the prosecution, the farms have been operating for about a year and a half. At the moment, the premises are sealed and the equipment in them is under guard, the prosecutor's office said.
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Bitcoin farm too strong?

I maxxed out my bitcoin farm about one or two months ago. Grinded for it like crazy with scav raids, pmc loot runs, etc.
Now that that is done (and the rest of the hideout is maxxed) the money multiplies way too fast by itself in my opinion. Bitcoin farm makes me around 500-600k a day. The rest of the hideout probably adds an extra 200-300k a day to that depending how often i start the productions.
The feeling for the "expensivness" of a kit just feels gone...
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When your Bitcoin farm is being upgraded will it still produce bitcoins?

Got a 10/10 farm and want to upgrade it.
The question is, will it still be producing those sweet sweet bitcoins whiles it's upgrading?
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Bitcoin farm profitability

So with bitcoin prices being around 160k, I was wondering if it was worth the investment of buying gpus for the farm, if so, how many is exactly worth it for the price of gpus right now. I just wanna know. Thanks
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Iran: over 1000 Bitcoin farms closed - The Cryptonomist

Iran: over 1000 Bitcoin farms closed - The Cryptonomist submitted by AlanOne89 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

In theory, how many days before the wipe should I empty my bitcoin farm and sell the 50 GPUs?

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Bitcoin farm at this stage?

Hello, I am a lvl 19 player who has a few rubles saved up for making the bitcoin farm. After calculations right now I would spend 2.7 mil to get it (I have every skill and trader done, I need 20 to get mechanic lvl2) . I already have two graphic cards not found in raid, ready to put in and 4 mil in the stash and maybe some a couple more in inventory. WIth the wipe in like 2 months should I do it and make the farm?
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Leaving Forager running in the background to generate gold is like bitcoin farming except it's made up and you can't spend it on anything

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Bitcoin Farm Question

Am a noob but i have saved up some roubles, and if i have done the math correctly i have enough roubles to build the bitcoin farm. But my question is, do i need to have 10 graphic cards on the farm so it produces or will it produce even if it only has 1 graphics card.
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Bitcoin farm

Has anyone made a bitcoin farm chart that takes into consideration fuel prices? Because with one gpu it takes like 18 hours to make a bitcoin, and a metal fuel tank which lasts 24 hours costs nearly an entire bitcoin. I feel like if you factor in fuel price then the bitcoin farm is far less good, especially with only a few gpu’s
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Should I spend my money on maxing my bitcoin farm? If GC prices stay at roughly 380k each it’ll cost me around 10mill for max. I have 12 mill.

Stupid question I guess but just unsure whether to spend all my cash on graphic cards. Or should I buy some and farm most?
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2 guys at two Bitcoin farms in Bulgaria stole 1.25 million EUR in electricity from town network in just over a year.

2 guys at two Bitcoin farms in Bulgaria stole 1.25 million EUR in electricity from town network in just over a year. submitted by Noduz to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Boys, get yourself a girl that will check your bitcoin farm when you’re away on business

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Bitcoin Farm Still Lucrative?

This is my first wipe and have heard many things about the BC farm. Is this still a lucrative way to make money. Still haven't gotten my bearings on Interchange so I plan on making a lot of the cards at the intelligence center. Would this be wasting money?
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Bitcoin Farm Issue?

I just got my bitcoin farm up and running for the first time, I’ve also started the level two upgrade. I currently have the max graphics cards (10) in the farm for level 1. I’ve only been able to collect one bitcoin at a time, I’ve waited 18 hours and only able to collect one. It says that I could potentially have three at a time. Am I doing this right?
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Bitcoin farm has just been nerfed into the ground (without any warning)...

With the changes to item selling prizes to Therapist, that has just been issued WITHOUT ANY NOTIFICATION whether on the BSG Twitter nor in any other way, a bitcoin is only worth 97k now. As a consequence the prices for a Physical bitcoin has plummeted to already 118k on the Flea market (was 150-155k before).
I would understand nerfing the Bitcoin farm in the first place because for players having found a reasonable amount of Graphics Card or just having enough money to buy 50 of them and running the Bitcoin farm on full steam, is just plain free money every 5 hours. But doing so without any further notice or even warning players who have stacked a bunch of Bitcoins in their stash, wanting to sell them some time or even sparing for a THICC or normal weapon case have been punched in the face without any remorse.
This is not how transparency looks like. I know your job is tough but guys... you can't do this many mistakes in such a certain amount of time. It slowly seems like you are trolling us - the players. It seems like you want to see us raging on Reddit or Twitter. Please stop that, because we love this game and you don't really help to keep it this way. I know many of you see that differently maybe some of you see it similar. But this is how I see it.
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How to mine $1,000,000 of Bitcoin using just a laptop ... Bitcoin Farming Guide  Escape From Tarkov - YouTube Crypto Mining Farm at Apartment  January 2020 Update ... The ugly truth about owning a Bitcoin mining farm! Inside a Bitcoin mine that earns $70K a day - YouTube

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How to mine $1,000,000 of Bitcoin using just a laptop ...

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